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Sunday, August 29, 2010
Finally been a long time... @ 9:25 PM

28aug 2010, after so long since I blog. I saw those old comments and think that, hey actually that was kind of childish. When I came to ite, saw all kinds of ppl. But it's okay cuz I didn't bother them at all what I wanted to do the most was to get good grades and get myself out of ite. I know I had did wrong last time, including small or big things. Regret is always there to find me. But I think there is no other way for me to go. Some sort of blur. So anyway I think no body isgoing read la. Just keep it short, wanna speak out otherwise difficult for me. Bye :)

Monday, February 15, 2010
@ 4:19 PM

Overdue picture! :/ He kissing the monkey! :x

Hello I'm back but i'm not that lazy pig. I'm someone who helping him to blog. (: He's kind of lazy. Lol. He's currently busy talking to me. :/ Hahas. Joking. (: He's busying entertain his guests at his house. Now he is curious about what i wearing now._. Lalala! ~ Kpo loh him. :/ Hahas. He didn't invite me to his house. :( BADBADBAD! ~ Just now i keep say hate him but till now i still talking to him, still help him to blog! -.- I'm LAME! Weather so hot, do drink more water luh toot. (: I don't feel like going out cause will sweat alot :( :( :( Okay shall stop my crap here. Goodbye! :D

Sunday, January 17, 2010
@ 10:15 PM

Hey readers i am back liao,
quite a long time never came back and post. This fews days kind of busy. Well everday got to work and work. Brought a new phone samsung jet!!! quite handy. It was a cool phone. Got to go guys shall stop here.

Saturday, January 9, 2010
@ 10:17 PM

Hey guys i am back!,
Today went to shopping with my clique, brought a new watch, jean and one belt. Do you know that it cost me a bomb man! Now wanted to buy a pair of shoes. Might be going tomorrow and don't know who will accompany me go? Today wanted to watch a movie however Qi Qi don wan then we forget about it. After buying went straight back home intend to meet her but fly my kite. Before i went home brought 2 bottle of beer and drink. I love alcohol cuz it can at least numb me for a while. Well should end now cuz i had nothing to say. Goodnight guys!

Thursday, January 7, 2010
@ 11:05 AM

Dear readers,
today is 7 of jan sorry that i did not post anything cuz i was kind of busy. Miss her daily, I was still unsure why we become like that. Well i cant act nonchalent about it. =( What am i going to do??? Anyone teach me? Everyday is a boring day, once i saw light coming beyond my sight. However light is becoming dim and dimer. Dear i really miss u alot, would u pls dont leave me? If without you my life would not be perfect. Work work and work! i really hate it. Results coming round a corner i was worried not sure if i can pass? Hais. If i could invent medicine i wan to invent a medicine which can cure me. =(

Monday, January 4, 2010
@ 8:39 PM

Dear everyone!!!
today my girlfriend went to school for the first time! well i was quite worried for her worry this and that. Hmm today no mood to work i feel tired super tired. Thinking about her every moment when i had nothing to do. This is my first time to get so work up. today did not meet her because i had overtime work to do and she was tired. Kind of miss her a lot. Realised that when u miss ppl u had no mood to work or do anything. You will kind of stare blankly at the sky or what so ever. Ya i admit i fall deeply for her, what i able to give i will give. What i can do i will do. Everything u say i will make my way and do it. I love you baby.

Sunday, January 3, 2010
@ 11:15 AM

Hello guys!!! I am back!,
Today is the last day of holiday for students who need to report to school. As for myself i need to get back to work again!!! Hmm kind of feeling sad, not sure why too. But i know that i will miss dear alots. When u miss someone u will feel like your heart had a empty space. ( not sure how to describe) well yesterday dear choke on the fish bone! I was damn worried! but i cant do anything about it. That makes me useless.=( And today her finger swollen! cant bend! Hais heart ache. Really hope that she will be more careful next time. Well today going out with my dad. Around 5 plus would be free. See whether dear free anot. Hmm last but not least i love you dear!!! <3